Licence Ready Customers

Whether you are a:

  • Learner under 25 years of age, looking for a digital Log Book,
  • Learner over 25 years of age, looking for an App that helps in sitting for driving test,
  • Supervising driver helping the learner to build skills,
  • Driving Instructor looking for a record keeper or teaching aid or quality assurance tool.

Licence Ready offers unparalleled service in helping them meet their objectives.

Licence Ready is a perfect digital alternative to the Paper Log Book.

  • • Easy to record drives with GPS
  • • Easy to manage experience records.
  • • Varieties of summaries are provided for monitoring Log Book Hours.
  • • A learner can be supported by multiple supervisors or driving instructors.
  • • Drive planning prior to the driving practice helps keep the learner and the supervisor in control.

It’s hard enough to imagine that a 16-year-old is ready to sit behind the wheel of a car. It’s also daunting when 120 hours of Learner Log Book driving experience stretches ahead of you.

Starting your young driver using Licence Ready App allows them to learn right, learn more and learn with greater knowledge retention. It also allows you to supervise them or monitor their progress.

You’ll be able to collaborate without conflict and have access to the most up to date and correct driving techniques, road rules,Skill progress etc.

Drivers of any age can be nervous for many different reasons. Some feel threatened by so much to think about and remember on the road. For others, a past accident may increase the anxiety that the same thing could happen to them.

Licence Ready App takes away the fear and stress of learning to drive and replaces it with calmness and confidence. As a result, nervous drivers learn to keep their driving focused and purposeful and feel safer knowing they’re in control.

Some learners come to us later in life having put off the daunting task of learning to drive. More often than not, a change in personal circumstances such as a new job, the arrival of a baby or moving to a new area where public transport is difficult means they need to drive.

Licence Ready App simplifies the learn-to-drive process with a structured learning environment that’s flexible to your learning style and the skills you need to develop the most.

Licence Ready App particularly helps young people who are deaf or hard of hearing to master the theory and build confidence before they get behind the wheel.

If your child has a hearing difficulty, contact us on 1300 308 381 to discuss how Licence Ready can help.

If English is not your first language, don’t worry! Our Licence Ready App uses animations to help you understand the theory, so you’re more confident and informed before you start your practical lessons.

Some young drivers with learning difficulties need an enormous number of lessons to succeed. As a parent, you won’t be able to teach your children in the same way as a professional instructor. Therefore, helping them to become a safe and aware driver can cost a great deal of money.

Licence Ready, we can help your children succeed by:

  • • Providing the Licence Ready App to explain road rules, manoeuvres, safe driving practices and give you guidelines for teaching your learner.
  • • Providing full support for the App, free of any costs.
  • • Combining our in-car teaching aids and App learning make a significant difference to your learner.

Many of our customers with overseas licences have driven for years in their home countries. While the Australian licencing system is flexible, greater emphasis is placed on safe driving. Our newly-arrived overseas customers can manoeuvre their vehicles well, but we see a significant lack of knowledge regarding Australian road rules and safe driving skills.

Licence Ready App explains road rules, manoeuvres, safe driving practices.