learner log book NSW

Accepted by Service NSW and Roads and Maritime Services.

learner log book NSW

Accepted by Service NSW and Roads and Maritime Services.

How we make your learner log book simple and your recording easy?

  • For most of your drives enter “Start odometer” and begin recording.
  • Off you go, practise your driving.
  • Stop recording at the end of your practise drive.
  • Select Road conditions and traffic conditions.
  • Sign-off with a signature.

The rest will be taken care by Licence Ready for you.

Easy recording!

Easy Sign-off

Easy log book!

Easy learning goals marking!

33 Good reasons that make Licence Ready the best log book app!

1. Loaded with features

Licence Ready is a fully-featured app that serves as a simple digital log book app as well as an ideal learning and teaching tool for driver education.

2. Like it simple or get involved?

Start off with the simple and easy to use learner log book without worrying about its full features or explore the variety of options and use them to your satisfaction.

3. Learners and Supervisors

Learners alone can use the app themselves or share their account with their supervisors and driving instructors to get help from them.

4. Recording alternatives

Supervisors and the instructors also will be able to record drives, and, if you like, mark feedback for what was practised so progress can be easily monitored.

5. Multiple learners, supervisors and instructors.

A learner can have multiple supervisors and/or driving instructors.

6. Effortless recording and sign-off

Most of the data required for the log book is automatically selected with options to override. Experience the effortless recording and sign-off.

7. Easy dashboard and summary

Highlights what is completed and what is left to go for submitting the log book.

8. Automatic credit calculations

Automatically calculates the credits for 3-for-1 Driving School lessons and the 20 hour bonus for the Safer Driver Course.

9. Easy sign-up / log-in

You may use your Facebook or Google+ credentials to easily log-in / sign-up with only couple of taps, or alternatively, use email or both methods.

10. Instant context help

If not sure of any button, simply tap and hold to receive instant help.

11. Timely support

From all screens (without leaving the app), you may call or chat or email for support.

12. Water-tight security

Built with best practices in securing your personal information.

13. Ultimate convenience.

Offers ultimate convenience by giving access to your account on Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets and computers.

14. GPS

GPS can be switched off or on, depending on your liking. We use it to capture the place and road names and populate them in the log book.

15. Odometer

When starting a drive, only the start odometer is required to be entered; the end-odometer value is automatically populated in the log book.

16. Mobile data saving

Automatically switches to off-line mode when internet is not available or mobile data is switched off and uses WiFi where available.

17. Alerts

When the available memory or battery on your mobile device is low, Licence Ready gives alerts to draw your attention.

18. Learning goals

The comprehensive structured learning goals are written by experienced driving instructors.

19. Instructional videos

For easy comprehension, most learning goals are supported by instructional videos and photos covering all aspects of learning to drive.

20. Lesson planning

Learners and their supervisors are able to plan lessons by drawing the practice route and selecting which topics to practise.

21. Lesson sharing

Supervisors will be able to download practice routes and their associated topics prepared by your instructors.

22. Build the learner’s skills

Licence Ready helps in building the skills of learner drivers by allowing their supervisors and driving instructors to monitor their progress.

23. Leader board

This compares your friends’ progress with yours.

24. Drive experience rating

Every drive is automatically star rated to highlight the driving experience you have gained in the drive.

25. Lesson quality rating

Automatically star rates every drive for the quality of knowledge you receive from your supervisor / instructor.

26. Auto selection of vehicles

Vehicles marked as mostly used will be automatically selected for recording with option to override.

27. Auto selection of supervisors

Supervisors marked as mostly helping will be automatically selected for recording with option to override.

28. Automatic capture of weather

When recording a drive the weather conditions are automatically captured for you.

29. Comprehensive learning goals for automatic cars

Comprehensive learning goals are provided for learners driving automatic cars.

30. Comprehensive learning goals for manual cars

Comprehensive learning goals are provided for the learners driving manual cars.

31. Manual entries

This feature allows manual transferring of drives from your paper log book or any drive you didn’t record in the app.

32. Learner’s notes for each drive

Allows entering notes for any drive and share them with all related accounts.

33. Supervisor’s notes

This allows supervisors to maintain notes that remain private to the supervisor.

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