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Digital Log Book

Licence Ready is a digital log book accepted by Roads and Maritime Services and Service NSW.
At present Licence Ready Digital Log Book caters for Only Automatic vehicles.

Comprehensive learning

Licence Ready offers a complete driver education program.

Effective Family coaching

Licence Ready helps the family and friends to teach the learner.

Happy and safe driver

Licence Ready helps the learner in building skillset to manage range of traffic rules, road and traffic conditions.

Your team, Collaborate your way.

Licence Ready connects the Learner to the essential supports, securely, maintaining privacy.

Licence Ready is available on:
iPhones iPads and iPod Touch's
Android phones tablets
Windows Apple Computers
Supported browsers Chrome Firefox safari

  • Licence Ready Lite for Log Book

  • FREE 24 months access to the learner.

    Each supervisor and instructor gets FREE App.

  • Support

  • Secure backups.

  • 24X7 e-Mail and phone support.

  • Online instant help within the App.

  • Live chat for support from the App.

  • Security

  • Secure connections.

  • Personal data encrypted on server.

  • Personal data not stored on Mobiles.

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Drive quality ratings.

  • Coloured Progress Circles

  • Hours done and left to do.

  • Automatic capture of most data.

  • Learning Goals

  • Manoeuvres explained with narratives.

  • Traffic rules explained with narratives.

  • Driving test fail criteria explained.

  • Licence Ready Pro for Learning

  • FREE Introductory offer, valued at $55.00 for 24 months.

    Each supervisor and instructor gets FREE App.

  • All Lite features

  • Learning Goals

  • Animations, photos explain manoeuvres.

  • Animations, photos explain traffic rules.

  • Progress monitoring

  • Learner risk status summary, detail.

  • Learner skill status summary, detail.

  • Drive Planning tools

  • Plan a drive in advance to the practice.

  • Draw practice route yourself.

  • Share planned practice routes.

  • Download predefined practice routes.

  • Benefits of Planning

  • Less distraction during practice.

  • Keeps Learner calm and in control.

  • Helps supervisor teach better.


  • Upgrade me to PRO user

Capture your practice on your mobile.

Review your experience on a computer, at home.

Before your practice, learn manoeuvres and traffic rules on a computer, at home.

Quick review on your mobile.

Monitor your progress on a computer, at home.

Check your rank on a computer

Check your progress & Rank on your mobile

Design your experience

Download your design to your mobile for practice

Your licence is only a download away!