Licence Ready difference?

  1. Licence Ready App works on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

  2. Learner, supervising drivers and driving instructors are connected on-line to collaborate in building the skills of the Learner driver.

  3. A drive can be planned and reviewed by the learner and the supervisor, in advance to the practice. This keeps them calm and in control during the practice.

  4. When planning a drive the practice route can be drawn using google maps.

  5. Most of the Learning Goals are explained with over 150 animations and over 50 photos. Planned to provide supporting media to all learning goals.

Getting your learner Licence

Congratulations on reaching 16! To get your Learner Licence, you’ll need to:

  • • Visit a Service NSW Centre,
  • • Prove your age and identity
  • • Pass a Driver Knowledge Test
  • • Pass an eyesight test
  • • Pay the licence and test fees.

Driving Test and Log Book

If you are under 25 years of age, before you can sit for your driving test you must do the following:

  • • Hold your learner Licence for 12 months.
  • • Complete 120 hours of supervised driving practice, including at least 20 hours of night driving.
  • • Transport for NSW provides Log Book to record your driving experience.
  • • You and your supervisor(s) / driving instructor(s) need to sign in the Log Book experience records and declarations that you have achieved 20 Learning Goals.
  • • You and your supervisor sign separately a declaration of completion in the Log Book.
  • • Service NSW testing officer will check yourLog Book for completion before commencing your driving test.

The Learning Goals are the set of skills (combined road rules and manoeuvres) which you need to acquire at each stage of your learning process.

Yes. Currently, you don’t have to complete a Learner Driver Log Book if you:

  • • Are aged 25 years and over
  • • Previously held an NSW or interstate driver licence, other than a Learner Licence
  • • Previously held an overseas licence other than a Learner Licence
  • • Hold an overseas licence, other than a Learner Licence, and are issued with a Learner Licence after you failed a driving test
  • • Roads and Maritime Services specifically exempt you.

Yes. You can claim up to 40 hours of Log Book credits.

Following are the two ways to claim the Log Book hour credits:

  1. You can get credits for structured driving lessons with professional driving instructors. For every hour of structured driving lessons you will receive two hours credit in your Log Book. Conditions apply.
  2. If you opt for the safer driver course, you can claim up to 20 hours credits in your logbook. Conditions apply.

You may take up to maximum of 10 hours of lessons with one or more driving instructors as structured lessons. Each hour of structured driving lessons, including the night lessons will be counted as 3 hours in the Log Book.

If a structured lesson of one hour is taken during the night, One hour is counted towards night practice hour. And two extra credit hours are counted as day practice hours.

There is a maximum limit of 3 hours in a day for the structured driving lessons.

The driving instructor must sign a declaration for these structured driving lessons.

To opt for the Safer Driver course, you must have completed minimum of 50 hours of actual driving practice (without any extra credit hours).

The course is run in two modules.

Module-1 is in class three hour group discussions with other L platers about managing the risk on the road.

Once you complete the Module-1, you become eligible to go for Module-2.

Module-2 is in vehicle coaching session with another learner covering range of practical safe driving behaviours.

On the completion of the Module-2 you will receive 20 hours of extra credits in your Log Book.

Log Book Options

Absolutely! Transport for NSW provides paper based Log Book and also recommends alternative digital Log Book Apps.

Unfortunately No. You may use either paper Log Book or Digital Log Book.

Unfortunately No. You have to choose one of the Transport for NSW recommended digital Log Book App.

Absolutely! The digital Log Book Apps let you transfer your hours from the paper Log Book to the digital Log Book.

When transferring your experience records form paper Log Book to the digital Log Book App, the experience records in the digital Log Book need to be signed-off again by the respective supervisors.

Problems with the Paper Log Book?

  • • Easy to make mistakes when entering the details.
  • • Entries need to be entered in certain format otherwise risk rejection on the day of driving test.
  • • Cumbersome calculations are involved.
  • • Quick check on learner progress is not possible.
  • • Not easy to share with supervisors in building skills of the learner.
  • • Can get lost or damaged resulting inloss of experience records.
  • • Inconvenience of needing to carry when set-off for driving practice.
  • • Forgetting the Log Book at home may result in unrecorded driving experience.

Benefits of digital Log Book!

  • • Where possible doesn’t let you make mistakes.
  • • Captures the data for your experience record in the format accepted by Transport for NSW.
  • • Most of the data for the experience record is captured automatically.
  • • Conveniently access the Log Book on computer, tablet or smart phones.
  • • Required calculations are performed automatically.
  • • Let’s you connect with the supervising drivers and instructors in building your skills.
  • • You, your supervisors and driving instructors can review progress at their convenience.
  • • Doesn’t get damaged and lost, backups are maintained.
  • • Never miss even short drives. Every minute counts.

Licence Ready App works on which devices?

Licence Ready works on:

  • • Windows computers using Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • • Apple computers using Safari browser.
  • • Tablets and mobile phones with Android operating system V 5.0 onwards.
  • • iPhone 5 onwards and iPads with iOS V 9.0 onwards.

Licence Ready App sizes and downloads

Licence Ready Android App size is 18 MB
Licence Ready iOS App size is 18 MB

Licence Ready Lite: The media (Photos and Animations) download is negligible.

Licence Ready Pro: The media (Photos and Animations) download amounts to about 74 MB on first log-in.

What is Web App and Mobile App?

The Licence Ready App that works on the computers using Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers is called Licence Ready Web App.

The Licence Ready App that is downloaded from App Store or Google Play store on to a mobile device (tablet or smart phone) is called Licence Ready mobile App.

Web App:

The Web App does not store anything within the computer.

Every time an experience record is created or changed they will be uploaded to the server.

Every time an experience record or animation or a photo is viewed, they are downloaded from the server unless they are cashed.

Mobile App:

In short: The downloads will be significantly less for Mobile Apps.

The Mobile App stores necessary data within the mobile device’s storage.

Every time an experience record is created or changed they will be first stored in the mobile device’s storage and uploaded to the server to keep them in Sync.

Every time an experience record or animation or a photo is viewed, they are displayed from the mobile device’s storage. Hence the downloads will be significantly less for Mobile Apps.

Other Questions

Whether you use Mobile App or Web App, from every screen you will be able to chat in real-time with the Support team. Look for the “Insert chat icon” icon at the top of every screen.

In the event the Support team are off-line, using the same icon, you will be able to send off-line message to the Support team. The support team regularly monitors the off line message and responds to you at the earliest convenience.

DKT App explains WHAT part of road rules. It helps to build your KNOWLEDGE.

Licence Ready Learning Goals explain HOW part of the road rules. It helps to build you SKILLs.

No Problems.

When internet is not available, Licence Ready automatically works in Off-Line mode.

Follow the steps mentioned below if you are WiFi only user:

  1. At home when WiFi is available, log-in to Licence Ready Trial App in your mobile.
  2. Make sure yours and your supervisor's profiles are entered correctly.
  3. Proceed to your vehicle for the practice drive.
  4. Before commencing the drive when the engine is switched -off:
    • a. Start New Drive, select supervisor, enable GPS when asked, enter start Odometer reading.
    • b. Tap on the end Odometer reading. This will save the Start Odometer reading.
    • c. Turn-off your mobile screen.
    • d. Leave your mobile in the glove box.
  5. Commence your drive.
  6. At the end the drive, park your vehicle, switch the engine-off.
    • a. Enter all the required data into the experience record.
    • b. Sign-off, get your supervisor's signature.
  7. You will see the drive as signed-off in the experience records list in green colour.
  8. At home when you are in the WiFi range, the signed-off drive will be automatically uploaded to your online account.

No Problems.

When mobile reception is poor, Licence Ready allows you to create and record drives but you will need to use WiFi to sign-off the experience records.

Licence Ready Lite is the version you get when you sign-up.

It provides all necessary functions that allow you to complete your digital Log Book and submit to Service NSW.

Licence Ready PRO version will be available through in-App purchase. It's currently being offered free of charge on request.

The Pro version provides all Lite features plus multimedia support for Learning Goals and Planning drives in advance to the practice sessions with Mapping support for drawing planned routes. These features helps the Learner and the Supervising drives to be calm and in control during the practice sessions.

Yes, It can be used as teaching aid, Learning aid and record keeper.